Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A jibarito in California

A "jibarito" in California, let me explain first what it is a Jibarito.  The Jibaritos are people in my country whose in the last century had a little education but were very hard workers, almost all of them had strong family values and were honest people. My fathers weren't jibaritos at all but I grew watching and knowing how my humble father has worked 24 years of my life(and counting) and how my mother taught me, since I was a little kid, strong values that still present in my life and make me in part the person who I am. I'm that Jibarito who like to work and have strong values but I had the luck of being educated. I came to California following my heart and without having strong English speaking skills, I feel like a Jibarito that came here to work harder and demonstrate what I'm able to do and reach those goals I put it as a personal improvement. Clearly the changes has been hard and hurt sometimes when you believed that your dog was going to fall in depression without you but according to my mom he is happier than ever, but come back to the serious thing it has been hard being in another culture although we have a big influence of American culture in our country, it has been hard coming with other perspective than others and it has been hard to express myself as I would want. In another hand when I see back and reflect on my three months I can see  how much I have growth, learned and the incredible time I have had here. There a thing that I feel very proud of myself, my inner thoughts haven't changed, I still being the same guy getting experience to make in the future some initiatives and getting back to my country to make a real difference. The past month has been really hard for me because I forgot all the things I have achieved until now, today I could reflect and took again the same path that brought me here, yes it hard being here with all of these situations but these types of situation are shaping me in an excellent way and I don't expect to be free or harder moments, I expect don't take pity of myself  and take every moment to demonstrate the Jibarito that I am.

* #FreeOscarLopez

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