Sunday, March 16, 2014

A little bit

How much have changed in  my last two years. I knew people that have influenced me so much and made me grow in every facet of my life, although I still keeping the same feelings that I have had during my entire life. Every change has come in a good way. If you asked me two years ago what I wanted to do after my graduation I had responded: I want to work with a big company that pay a good salary, but thanks to the divine glorious, my grades weren't so good  because I had very active college nights, too much parties in the week and I didn't take seriously my classes. I was an average student and after my graduation the companies where I sent my resume didn't see me like a potential worker. Jesus Christ, It was the best thing that happened to me now that I remember it,that has helped me to find myself and rethink what I really wanted. Now I'm here in California learning a lot of stuff, doing what I thought it is everyone mission in life, that we are here to make changes and impact others. I have met a lot of people with my same thoughts and feelings, I'm very happy because  that could help me to change and take initiative to help a lot of people in the future in my country. I have changed or maybe not, probably it just that I forgot to follow my path before and I found it again. Deep in my heart I know my potential and believe in me, I know everything is possible in this life and even I can learn to be a professional ballet dancer but don't worry I won't try that, I left that to other.

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