Monday, July 21, 2014

God, Destiny, Karma, Yourself

I would pray to God for a better situation but who am I to ask for that? I would like to see my destiny but I don't want to know the final of this story, I would ask to karma for my positive payback but again, who am I to ask for that when I have food, health and a good bed to sleep. At the final it is only you and the courage you will have to reach the things that you want. Always having God in our hearts because the path isn't easy, doing good because as the people said, Karma is a completely bitch. The destiny, I have my doubts about it but I suppose it is a certain track where we decide whether or not you want to follow it or modified as you want. You believe what you want, leave the other live as they want, at the final only God will be able to judge you.