Thursday, February 12, 2015

My last day here

My last day here in this world and I really don't know that. I woke up in the morning with a bad mood, just because I'm not a morning person. I get in the van in my way to my job, I won't care about the great sunny day, I turn on my music and the morning is only for me. I got the parking near the work and begin to walk to my work place. I still listening music with my cellphone without view my surroundings, I still mad with my friend, I didn't like my friend's joke yesterday in the night. I got to the office and still having my mood, I have a forced smile to my coworkers, I hate them right now, and please don't ask me for my weekend, it is like asking for my ex girlfriend, I had good moments but now I wanna forget it and begin work with my things. It is almost noon I realized that I have to change my mood because it is only on the morning. I go to lunch and it is like a routine, I eat and spent the rest of the lunch watching facebook and some friend's snapchats. I come back to the office and I realize a new person I have never seen before but I follow my path to my office, who cares about him? It's probably another person here.

It was my last day, the flashbacks are coming, I regret saying I'm not a morning person, my bad mood and I wasted the majority of my time watching a stupid smartphone instead sharing with my teammates.

My last day here in this world and I really don't know that. I woke up and I remember that I'am blessed because it is a new day and I still alive. I slept well, thanks to God I'm not on Syria and I'm not scared about every noise of a gunshot or bomb every 30 minutes. It's a good sunny day, I can appreciate the moment I have here, I realized that every minutes, hours, days have to count because only left 6 months here, I will miss them, the conversations, each single person, although I know that I forgot it sometimes because stay with the same person during the 7 days a week. I will come back to the reality of life. I get in the van in my way to the work, the front passenger put good music, we all are singing like we were the Coldplay band, really the 75% of us are bad singers but who cares about it, we are sharing something in common, nobody is here to judge. I got the parking near the work and begin to walk, I look my surroundings for something new, it's look like a normal day but I try to show a little smile to some people that pass around me, you never know if you are changing his day only for that simple gesture. I try to make some joke to get some smiles from my teammates, and yes sometimes I'm childish but I just want a smile from them at any cost, It is lunch time and we meet outside, we share and some tell short stories, at leat I can remember that after my lunch and I didn't forget who I spent watching on facebook in my cellphone. After my lunch I got the courage to claim the coffee that one coworker offer to us, we agreed to lunch together the next day/ I feel satisfy because I dared to do something new and in some way I put myself out of my comfort zone...

It was my last day, the flashbacks are coming and I'm blessed for the beautiful day I had/