Thursday, July 2, 2015

Doing what I want... not what the society want

Three years ago I had the privilege to get my second job, the job that has helped me to connect with myself. It was a very boring job in an office, helping college professors to correct their thesis papers or just simply get data from research samples. I was called research assistant, a very fancy name for my resume and exactly what I wanted, something very pretty that when companies looked at it, they were able to say ok I want this guy in my company. My goals for those days were so simple; finish my college degree, get a good job with a good salary, get a house, etc (I'm sure you know how to finish that list). My boss was a very smart and ethic woman, I will always be amazed how she could watch Netflix series and work at the same time, she was the most successful woman doing multitasking, real multi-hard both focus-tasking, that I have ever known. I also knew my mentor, a great man that has been for me always that I need help, I can't express how that man has influenced and has inspired me to go thru my real interests and follow what I want.

Why do I tell you about my second job? Because there is a before and after in me as a person when I finished that job, it is because I began to be the real Fernando Ortiz, the person that wants to help people, the person that doesn't want to be sit in an office wasting his time or giving all his potential to help one company to be richer when you just get a simple paycheck. I want to be the owner of a big company, feed my mind with books, experiences and places that will leave me breathless. I don't want a simple routine in my life, I want a routine where I'm growing as a person, not by a paycheck. I want to travel, have friends from all around the world to have the opportunity to get new perspectives about life and feed my soul with feelings such as gratitude, kindness, love and freedom. I'm an adventurer guy with a free soul and a voracious appetite for new things explores new places and expand my mind in all aspects. After that job I realized part of who I am and I was mentally aware of things I had never thought before, I was getting alive.

Everything has a price and this way of thinking has it. They have called me crazy, stupid and dumb. It is very hard to explain, to reach each thing that I mentioned before, I need to take risk, risk that not everybody is willing to take, guts to moved against the norm. patience to be misunderstood by my thoughts and be humble when the people fire at me with stupids things. I need to improve a lot of things in my life and I'm always open to doing it. I don't expect the people understand me but I don't want people telling me what I can't do, probably the people who judge me is the people that have not had the courage to take big risks, they are waiting for change doing the same things day after day, they pray to God for amazing things, when the amazing things happen with people who is moving day after day.

There is a rule of thumb in this journey, Never give up. No matter how difficult or impossible looks your path or where you want to go, NEVER GIVE UP. When difficult times come the easiest path is to give up but don't do it! I almost give up in both of my last two journeys and if I had done that, I had lost a lot of incredible things. The satisfaction is amazing when you reach something difficult, if you fail, believe me, you're ahead of a lot of people and it is a step forward in your life.

Trust in yourself, work smart and be careful who you chose to be a partner to follow your dreams. God and peace give me the strength in this journey, find what give you strength and follow your journey.